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[VIDEO] Let the rain come down; Make a brand new ground

Sometimes when I get into a creative session I’ll put on my earphones, pick a song, and listen it quietly on repeat. I stumbled up Sara Bareilles’ Let the Rain song while on a long road trip and the moment I heard it, I instantly felt connected to it. It was soon added to my playlists. So what’s so special about it? Why do I feel that it speaks to me?

In general, I have a lot of admiration for artists when they can show vulnerability and honesty in their work. By breaking down the walls that create barriers, I think it allow creativity to flow more freely. And in sharing the songs, writings, and art that can speak directly to someone’s core, it inspires a similar reaction in its recipient.

I’ve posted two videos. First the original song played without interruption when she performed it for The Ellen Show. And secondly, a quick webisode where she talks about the meaning behind the song. The lyrics are really special and the backstory showcases what can create a song that resonates so strongly with me.

My fave quotes from the second video include:

“The only way to get past them (fear, insecurities) is to embrace them… It’s about rebirth, rejuvenation, baptism by fire”

“A song that had personality from the minute it was writing itself… I was just trying to get out of the way and let it be what it wanted to be”


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